[DS9] If Wishes Were Horses

DS9 Season 1, Episode 16 (Netflix: S1 E15): If Wishes Were Horses

Rating: 1
This is a particularly lazy version of the common (for Star Trek, at least) plot about an alien species that is very different from humans trying to understand the crew through confounding interactions. At least, that’s the excuse for some strained attempts at humor and some un-insightful character insights. I was not amused.
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Similar to Shore Leave from TOS, and Where No One Has Gone Before from TNG

Odo: “I have no time for fantasies…waste of time…too many people dream of places they’ll never go, wish for things they’ll never have, instead of paying adequate attention to their real lives.”                         Why do I get the feeling Odo is making fun of us?

In a rare moment, we see the O’Briens getting along

They let you know right from the start that they aren’t exactly going for a “Best of Both Worlds” level episode

A baseball man shows up

And a floozy version of Jadzia

and snow!

There’s also a thing outside the station that’s going to destroy everyone. Whatever


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