[DS9] Progress

DS9 Season 1, Episode 15 (Netflix: S1 E14): Progress

Rating: 1
This episode gives another look into Bajoran sentiment, this time focusing on an old stubborn Bajoran farmer. If you love old stubborn Bajoran farmers, you’ll love this episode! I also recommend it for people who love watching kilns being constructed, and roots being prepared and cooked.
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For the dramatic tease before the opening credits, Kira is confronted by some old farmers! This is gonna be a good one!

They establish pretty early that this episode is mainly going to be about convincing an old farmer to leave his farm. Kira doesn’t seem too excited about this

“You know you look real good, even from this angle.”                             It’s good that this old guy has a sweet demeanor. It helps to cover up some of the creepy stuff he says to Kira

They keep saying Mullibok will die if he moves from his home. Why?

Alright, this guy is a little crazy

Once again I think I’m more interested in the Jake/Nog sub-plot than the A-plot. It’s really sad in this case because the Jake/Nog story isn’t good. Basically each time we see them they have some new item they’ve traded. I suppose at the end they’ll make some sort of profit.

He didn’t do a great job with making that kiln

Aw Kira, you didn’t have to shoot the kiln he just made.

Remember when transporting Mullibok off of his farm would be too cruel, and horrify him, and that it would kill him. Wouldn’t destroying his kiln, burning his house down, and then transporting him be way more cruel? I can only assume that he died shortly after this episode ends.


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  • Mitchell

    “I can only assume that he died shortly after this episode ends.” Yeah, the “I’ll die!” thing got annoying. Jake and Nog sold out WAAAYY too cheaply. They need to study the Rules of Acquisition more.

    • http://twitter.com/LetsWatchST Lets Watch Star Trek

      Yeah what a bunch of amateurs

  • Mushfeq

    This review borders on criminal. “Progress” is one of the greatest episodes of Trek ever made. Your commentary is thoughtless and lazy, and your episode guide is basically useless.