[TOS] Shore Leave

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 15 (Netflix: S1 E16): Shore Leave

Rating: 2
I suppose if you’re in the right mood this episode is mildly enjoyable. The actors seem to be having fun, and things get zany enough that some viewers might enjoy the episode on those terms. The plot gets pretty repetitive in its midsection, which happens sometimes in the original series.
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Similar to If Wishes Were Horses from DS9, and Where No One Has Gone Before from TNG
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The last three months were rough and the crew needs shore leave. That makes sense, especially after Balance of Terror. I expect the vacation will go off without a hitch and the crew will return to their duties rested and relaxed.

It’s always nice when the production lets the actors go out doors.

Well, there it is, a man in a giant bunny suit.

I like how embarrassed Bones is to have to report this to Kirk. We’re all embarrassed Bones, don’t feel bad.

All of a sudden we go from talking about rabbit tracks to one of the most exciting shots I’ve seen in TOS.

What the hell Sulu? You find a gun on the ground and you just start shooting it?

It’s Kirk’s old tormentor, Finnegan. How weird, that’s just what Kirk was thinking about.

After what Kirk has just seen and heard about, he seriously doesn’t believe Barrows story about seeing Don Juan?

Now Kirk sees “Ruth”. By the time she shows up, they should really be thinking more about the strange happenings and not be so carefree about the gifts of the planet. By the 30 minute mark they’ve completely exhausted the concept, and they don’t seem to be interested in elaborating.

Barrows was thinking about fairy tale dresses

Sulu was thinking about a Samurai.

Bones was thinking about a knight

These two have been thinking about birds, tigers, and WWII planes.

Kirk gets in a fight

Before the opening credits we see Bones thinking about Alice in Wonderland, and then he sees Alice in wonderland. Every viewer (except maybe the Voyager fans) figures out right from the start that these things are appearing because of their thoughts. Yet it takes about 40 minutes for Kirk to verbalize that he’s finally figured it out

It’s rude to touch a girl’s chin if you don’t even know her

Stop touching people’s chins!

Bones has a love interest in this episode. That doesn’t happen much

Well, Kirk liked this episode I guess.


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