[TOS] Balance of Terror

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 14 (Netflix: S1 E15): Balance of Terror

Rating: 5
It may have flaws which the “it’s overrated” crowd likes to play up, but the fact of the matter is that Balance of Terror remains one of the best showdowns that there is.
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A space wedding!

Immediately this episode seems more serious (or at least after the wedding). Spock briefing the whole ship makes it seem like something’s really happening

Spock said 100 years ago there was no ship-to-ship visual communication. He was probably just kidding

The build up continues!

Kirk already begins to theorize their weaknesses based on their leisurely maneuvers

What’s with these back-talking helmsmen?

Ah, the old appear-as-a-sensor-reflection trick

The Romulans look like Spock! They look even more like Mark Lenard

File under: Mark Lenard

The Romulan Commander is too smart for Kirk’s reflection trick

The maneuvering of our two captains before they even face each other is really cool.

They did a good job of putting Enterprise in a tricky situation, where they must follow the Romulans back into the neutral zone gambling on if they will stop a war or start one

Kirk: “He did exactly as I would’ve done. I won’t underestimate him again.”                                                                                                           Uhura seems pretty relaxed about all this

Janice is worried

Enterprise is hit!

By looking at the last picture you can kind of guess where each person would fall. How did Uhura end up way over there?

Cool face-to-face meeting at the end


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  • http://twitter.com/johntodd55 John Christensen

    Love this ep. glad it gets a 5.

  • P.F. Undit

    One of the finest episodes in Star Trek ever. I only wish the Romulans had become the main baddies rather than those goofy Klingons. The CGI/remastering for this episode was excellent too.

    • Wes

      Although they don’t get the face-time the non-forehead Klingons get, I think the Romulans have always been the ultimate bad guys. I really love this episode, probably watched it 20 times.

  • Keith Allingham

    Best episode ever.