[TOS] The Galileo Seven

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 16 (Netflix: S1 E17): The Galileo Seven

Rating: 2
This episode has some entertaining moments. Seeing Spock in command could’ve made for a really great episode. Exploring Spock’s commitment to logic in a different context is a good idea, but the way the writers choose to show the conflict between logic and emotion seems totally unrealistic and forced. It never manages to add much to our understanding of Spock or his relationship to the crew.
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Galactic High Commissioner? Is that some kind of super admiral? He almost has a cool uniform.

Kirk wants to check out a quasar. The Galactic Commissioner wants to get medical supplies to people who need them, and doesn’t want to waste time or take chances. I’m with the Galactic Commissioner on this one.

They raise the issue of having to sacrifice several crew members for the sake of the rest of the group. This understandably would make people uncomfortable. Luckily people die by monsters so they don’t actually have to face this issue.

The giant spear is silly. The next difference between Spock and the humans is his analysis of the spear rather than remorse for the victim. Relax guys, Spock just really likes giant spears

The argument then turns to giving a proper burial for the fallen crewman. Spock wants to focus on survival instead of taking the time to have a little ceremony. Spocks starting to look in the right

The next difference is about whether or not to hurt (give a “bloody nose” / kill?) the monsters when they next attack. This is another fine dilemma except it seems like the positions could’ve just as easily been reversed. Now it’s Spock who has a higher regard for life, and he even seems really irritated with the crew’s suggestion. It would be one thing if they made it look like the humans were out for revenge, but they seemed pretty logical about it.

After they scare off the monsters, Spock tells one crewman to stay behind all alone. That doesn’t seem too smart

Shockingly the crewman doesn’t make it

When they can’t find the body of the crewman, Spock needlessly specifies that his curiosity of what happened to him is “scientific.”

Spock is bewildered that the monsters could act illogical. That’s dumb.  The person I like the most in this episode is Scotty, for getting the job done, and staying out of the whole logic vs. humans nonsense

They really take this proper burial thing too far. The monster was practically on top of the shuttle and he wants to go outside for a burial? Thats crazy.

It’s bizarre the way this lady jumps out of her seat onto the ground when they start moving

Spock’s move at the end could’ve been explained through logic (chances of survival on planet vs. chances of being seen by igniting fuel) but everyone seems to think it was only an emotional action (“emotional outburst”, “purely human emotional act”).

Is this woman supposed to be standing at the left edge of the screen? She waits there until the camera zooms in and she is obviously given a cue to walk across the screen along with another extra.

They really laugh it up at the end. It wasn’t that funny guys

It was apparently so funny it even made Scotty cry


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