[TOS] The Devil in the Dark

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 25 (Netflix: S1 E26): The Devil In The Dark
Rating: 2
This is another episode that is considered a classic by some, mostly because of the message. It’s still a little too slow going for my taste.

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A cave!

File under: Cave!

There’s a monster lurking around down there

File under: Monster

For some reason I’m having a hard time taking this guy seriously

Spock is fascinated by this guy’s jelly ball

Another attack!

The monster breaks their tube! It’s the tube that provides life support for everyone on the planet!

Spock theorizes that it could be a silicon based life form

Another attack! I wasn’t impressed with this guy’s scream

It’s the monster! It looks more like someone hiding under a blanket

It may be the last of it’s kind, just like in The Man Trap. Spock: “if it is the only survivor of a dead race, to kill it would be a crime against science”

Spock does a “vulcan joining of the minds.” Seems like it hurts

The silicon monster has a lot of control over its acid. It can even spell words!

Spock quits cutting corners and does a proper mind meld

File under: Mind Meld?

Bones: “I’m a doctor, not a brick layer”

The angry rainbow gang wants to beat it to death with clubs

Bones gets his hands dirty


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    Shatner’s father died during filming this episode… Shatner said this is his fav episode because of what a great support Nimoy and crew n cast were ,,, naww :'(