[TOS] Errand of Mercy

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 26 (Netflix: S1 E27): Errand of Mercy

Rating: 4

Errand of Mercy features another good villain, which always elevates episodes to a higher level. We also get to see the rambunctious side of Kirk again, and how he acts under occupation. These are some of my favorite things, earning this episode a 4.
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Negotiations are breaking down with the Klingons! They suspect a surprise attack!

They make their way to Organia, a planet that may get caught in the middle of the conflict. Spock says it’s a D- on the “Richter scale of cultures”

Klingons attack! It’s war!

Kirk is going down to the surface. He gives Sulu specific instructions in case the thing that will probably happen next, happens.

Someone painted goats

Kirk tries to warn the Organians and offer protection, but they aren’t worried about it.

Kirk: “I’m a soldier, not a diplomat. I can only tell you the truth.”

A Klingon fleet arrives! That’s the thing Kirk warned Sulu about!


Kor: “I don’t trust men who smile too much”

“Have we a ram among the sheep?” I like Kor’s observations about Kirk in contrast with the Organians

Spock can resist their mind probing techniques. Even “force 4”

Kirk and Spock start a little resistance campaign

The Organians blow Kirk’s cover. Kirk and Spock get thrown in a dungeon

Kirk gives up trying to convince the Organians to fight back. He decides he’s going to try to take on the Klingon army with Spock!

Their attack went well

Then everyone looks at their hands

Turns out the Organians are more powerful than everyone. They make them call a truce. Bummer


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