[TOS] This Side of Paradise

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 24 (Netflix: S1 E25): This Side Of Paradise
Rating: 1
So bad it’s good?
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A team beams to a planet to see how dead a bunch of colonist are, but they’re not dead at all!

The crew carries out an investigation to see why no one is dead. Is this some kind of reverse-murder-mystery?

A lady from Spock’s past?

Spock gets shot by a flower!

The spores made Spock lame

I guess the amusement for this episode is supposed to be us getting to see Spock clownin around

Then more people get shot by flowers. They get happy too.

Bones starts acting all southerney??

Kirk is the last sad person

Kirk was shot by a flower! It really snuck up on him

Kirk fights the happiness

Kirk realizes that getting angry snaps people out of it so he beams Spock up to make fun of him. This is what he chose to say: “Your mother was an encyclopedia”

Spock has to say goodbye to his lady friend. Aww

Spock says she wouldn’t be able to pronounce his other name

Kirk devises a plan to make everyone hate each other

Seriously, Bones is totally absurd in this episode

They managed to get the crew back to normal! Hooray? Spock said it was the only time he had been happy.


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  • StimuLAZ

    This episode is a serious look at anarchy and questions cultural conditioning. It is also an attempt to show why Spock has chosen to behave with such strict self control and gives his character a sense of depth and purpose that has been lacking. He becomes more than a clown for Bones (McCoy) to poke fun at.