[TOS] A Taste of Armageddon

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 23 (Netflix: S1 E24): A Taste of Armageddon

Rating: 3

Kirk is great in this episode, which is enough to bring this episode to a 3. What kmight turn people off is a slow plot that depends on our interest in a far-fetched premise.

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This guy’s neck used to be a lot bigger

Scotty is put in command! Scotty: “Have a bonnie trip.”                                                   Yeah whatever Scotty

These hats are about as stupid as hats can be

When they beam onto the planet they seem really interested in this wall…

…Which is probably the least interesting thing around them

They keep saying that they’re at war, and that there is real danger. Kirk just keeps saying he doesn’t get it. This goes on for way too long. Why won’t they just explain themselves? They have no reason to keep this secret. We have to wait for Spock to basically guess what’s going on.

Even when I convinced myself to go along with the whole silliness about the computerized war, that they would force outsiders to play along is too much.

Seriously look at these hats. It’s like they took old sacks and put them on people’s heads

He can duplicate Kirk’s voice!

It doesn’t fool Scotty though

Spock is telepathic through a wall

“Sir, there’s a multi-legged creature crawling on your shoulder.”

They need a weapon so Spock just walks up to a guy, knocks him out, and takes his gun

This guy is a jerk. He’s going to give a report to Federation central.

Scotty: “The haggis is in the fire”                                                                             Yeah alright Scotty

“That popinjay fox went down a couple of minutes ago”                              Good grief Scotty

Anan 7: “What kind of monster are you?”                                                          Kirk: “I’m a barbarian. You said it yourself.”                                                  Anan 7: “I had hoped I had spoken only figuratively.”                                   Kirk: “Oh no you were quite accurate. I plan to prove it to you”

Kirk takes out a room full of people essentially by pushing them all over

Kirk blows up their war computer


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  • John Christensen

    I like the speech after the computers are already destroyed. Kirk still spends time convincing them to stop their computer war like he is explaining a 12 step program. He just pissed off another planet that is about to attack with real weapons for the first time in 500 years, and he’s telling them to “not kill today.” I think the Anan 7 should be super pissed and try and strangle Kirk. That episode should have ended with Kirk and Spock barely getting beamed out alive, and then laughing saying “that guy sure was mad when we blew up his computer.” Then they sarcastically shrug and say “Prime Directive, hahahahahahha”.

    • LetsWatchStarTrek

      haha. yeah