[TOS] Space Seed

[TOS] Season 1, Episode 22 (Netflix: S1 E23): Space Seed

Rating: 4 

What can we say? This episode is a classic, and Khan is a fascinating, well written character. The plotting is decent and manages to move things along while providing a lot of great moments between Khan and different crew members. Khan’s scenes almost always manage to add an interesting layer to the characters he’s with.

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An earth ship from the 1990s!

We know McGyvers is into history because her room is covered in drawings of historical people.


This is how super-humans stretch

Bones: “It would be most effective if you would cut the carotid artery just under the left ear”. I like that Bones isn’t intimidated by Khan.

Khan: “So, uh, can I study all of your technical manuals for the ship?” Kirk: “Alright”                                                                          (paraphrasing)

McGyvers has a thing for old dictators

I like the dialogue at the dinner scene. Spock provoking Khan was well done, and I like how Kirk probes Khan.

This scene provides really good characterization for Khan. He’s annoyed by indecision, and mocks her saying she would stay for a few minutes to be with him. It’s a sharp contrast to Khan’s taking-what-he-wants approach. I also love how Khan puts McGyvers into a position where she wants to earn his respect.

After being introduced to Khan with the movie, I didn’t expect the emphasis on Khan being like a ruler from the past (Napoleon, Alexander, etc), and I think it’s interesting.

Kirk: “Mr. Spock you misunderstand us. We can be against him and admire him all at the same time”

Khan gets really into his focus exercises

Khan is loose!

For being a big tough tyrant, Khan has a dainty knock-out move

I guess the ladies didn’t want jump suits. Weird

Khan takes over the ship!

File under: Commandeered!

McGyvers saves the day

McGyvers decides to go with Khan and his crew to Ceti Alpha V. It seems like she won’t be the most popular person on the planet. She did betray Khan and all of his people and she will be a weakling compared to everyone else.

It’s funny that Khan leaves on relatively good terms with Kirk.


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