[ENT] Two Days and Two Nights

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 25 (Netflix: S1 E24): Two Days and Two Nights
Rating: 3
Some of you may be shocked that we’re giving this a 3, considering we tend not to go for the attempted-comedy episodes, but there were some aspects we liked about this one. The shear number of plots made the episode move quickly enough that the lame plot-lines weren’t too annoying. We liked that arrival to Risa had been built up to. Phlox may be our favorite character in Enterprise, and this is a good episode for him, which is a main reason for it barely making it to a 3 rating.
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They finally get to go to Risa

T’Pol apparently has a sense of humor

I hope this plot-line starts getting less stupid

This lady did the old chuck-your-dog-on-someone’s-balcony trick in order to get invited in

Archer makes a friend

Hoshi practices talking in Risan with a couple next to her. They leave plates full of food to get out of the conversation.

Trip and Reed meet some friends…

…but they turn out to be cool looking aliens that steal their clothes

Hoshi meets a guy that sees that Hoshi is really interested in language and then it turns out he is really interested in language. Weird. He keeps asking her how to pronounce a bunch of fruit.

He says in his language “kiwi” means something too, but he doesn’t know the word so he has to show her   …oh brother

They have to wake up Phlox from hibernation!

Archer’s friend starts getting a little pushy about the Suliban

Turns out she was a Tandaran (from the episode Detained). She knocks him out and leaves

They let John Billingsley have some fun

So nobody did the things they wanted to do

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