[ENT] Desert Crossing

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 24 (Netflix: S1 E23): Desert Crossing
Rating: 2
I like the situation that propels the plot, and some of the details that tie into the larger continuity are nice, but once it gets into the survival chunk of the story it’s pretty by-the-numbers.
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They were on their way to Risa again. Still didn’t make it.

You can tell these guys are aliens because they have chin tattoos

They eat gross food

They play some game

Then a government guy lets the crew know that Archer has been hanging out with a terrorist!

This causes Archer to squint

I like how Archer has built a reputation because of the prison break in the episode “Detained”

Trip and Archer go for a walk

T’Pol says Archer is going to need to create some directives about interfering with people

Trip starts to lose it

Reed explains that Archer isn’t as great as this guy thinks, and that the prison break has been exaggerated. Thanks Reed

Archer talks Trip out of dying of heat exhaustion

They’re attacked!

Then rescued!

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