[ENT] Fallen Hero

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 23 (Netflix: S1 E22): Fallen Hero

Rating: 2

I found this episode entertaining for the most part despite having a subject that might seem boring to some. The highlight was finding a good reason to push Enterprise to warp 5, and doing a decent job making it seem like a big deal. Most people will find this episode unnecessary and worth skipping.

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In the opening for this episode they tease that the crew needs shore leave and that T’Pol has made plans for the crew to visit Risa. It’s the first of a few episodes where they try to go to Risa. I think that’s a kind of cool build up, and it makes the audience aware of long term course plans, which adds to the ship atmosphere.

In Star Trek there’s always someone who doesn’t want to go on vacation

T’Pol lecturing the crew about all the proper protocols for meeting such a highly regarded Vulcan diplomat is nice build up for her actually being easy going. I mean, we’re still watching the crew meet a Vulcan diplomat, so it’s not exactly exhilarating, but there were some nice touches.

The Vulcan diplomat had been accused of committing a crime, and she admits she is guilty. Aww, T’Pol’s hero is a crime-committer.

This guy wants the Vulcan. Something fishy is going on

Then they start shooting at Enterprise. That’s fishy too

I like the situation created with the diplomat, how her story is slowly revealed, and Archer’s reactions to all of this

Now 3 ships are after them!

I like the race to get to the Vulcan battle ship for help. Warp 4.9!

She finally spills her guts when the ship is in more danger

I like how they make a big deal about going warp 5.

Hooray the Vulcans show up to save the day!

She doesn’t quite have the hand shaking thing down yet. She’s too into it. You have to play it cool when going in for a hand shake

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