[ENT] Vox Sola

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 22 (Netflix: S1 E21): Vox Sola

Rating: 2
Some of the characters are cool in this one, but overall it’s a dull episode. It comes across as a generic type of plot, and is a little silly.
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Introduces the easily offended aliens: Kreetassans. I think it’s good that they have an example of a bad first contact, even if it’s kind of goofy.

File under: Kreetassans

A web monster sneaks aboard the ship.

T’Pol is getting on Hoshi’s nerves.

We were really close to having to watch a mopey Archer episode…

…Luckily Trip cheers him up with a thing in his pocket

Trip and Archer are just a couple of bros watchin a game. I can totally relate to this!

The web monster is wrapping people up!

It captures Trip and Archer

Hoshi wants to talk to it. Reed wants to shoot it. There has to be a middle ground. Maybe just shout at it?

One of the reasons I don’t really like this episode is because too much of it is Archer and Trip stuck helplessly in a silly goop-web making silly faces

They gave Trip a little extra goop

They catch up with the Kreetassans to see if they know anything about the web monster. Hey, it’s Vaughn Armstrong!

File under: Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest)

Mayweather is asked to describe the monster. He says “It’s big, but it didn’t start that way.” What is this, a riddle?

T’Pol and Hoshi become buds

Reed builds a prototype of a shield

File under: Reed invents Star Trek

Hoshi finds a way to communicate with the web monster

They return the web monster back to itself

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