[ENT] Shockwave Part I

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 26 (Netflix: S1 E25): Shockwave, Part I

Rating: 4
There isn’t anything too clever about this episode, but it captures a child-like excitement in me when I’m watching it. It’s a bit like old Popeye cartoons where we have to go through a convincing low, watching Popeye get beat up and humiliated, which makes you really want to root for him once he eats the spinach. It makes for a fun episode, and added to this the time travel concepts are still interesting to me at this point. Sure, there are things that don’t make sense, but they keep telling us that time travel is really complicated and we shouldn’t worry about the explanations. Alright, whatever, I’ll let it slide this time.
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They’re visiting a colony that’s a matriarchal society. Whose really excited for another Angel One!?

But then the atmosphere ignites! I may have been caused by the shuttlepod! All of the colonists die!

A good deal of time is spent on the crew freaking out while investigating what caused the accident.

Admiral Forrest is one of my favorite admirals. I like his relationship with Archer

Reed is sure he closed the plasma ducts. He doesn’t care if the sensors picked up bread pudding

The entire mission of exploration has been canceled!

We’re now in full mopey-Archer-mode

T’Pol says Archer has a responsibility to defend himself and the mission. That’s a good point

Archer goes back to a time period when he didn’t wear a shirt

File under: Time Travel

Daniels is back?! But he died. Daniels basically tells us not to think about it. Alright. Also, why is he still wearing that uniform? Didn’t he just wear that before to blend in with the Enterprise crew?

Daniels informs Archer that it was a Suliban ploy to end Enterprise’s mission. Daniels gives Archer everything he needs to raid the Suliban ship and get evidence. In what is sort of rare for Enterprise, there’s a technobabble-heavy scene. I guess it makes sense though, in that we’re meant to feel like this is way more advanced than what they’re used to.

After the 15 minutes of everyone beating themselves up, it’s really exciting to see 15 minutes of a perfectly executed plan

Silik reaches Enterprise before they reach the Vulcan ship! Silik demands that Archer come aboard

It was kind of a cool scene when Archer gives command over to T’Pol…until he made a lame porthos/cheese “joke”

Daniels apparently had to think fast and get Archer out of there (not sure why a time traveler would ever have to make snap decisions before things in the past happen). But he pulls him to a future where everything is destroyed. Uh oh

Enterprise is going to be destroyed by the Suliban! What a cliffhanger! Just to let the writers out there know (and pay attention Voyager “Year of Hell” writers), when unbeatable stakes are introduced alongside the concept of time travel, everyone can kind of see where this is going.

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