[TNG] Conspiracy

TNG Season 1, Episode 25 (Netflix: S1 E26): Conspiracy
Rating: 4
This episode seems special right from the start, or at least right after they get through some Data gags. It’s hard to achieve high stakes that are felt by the audience, but this episode does the job. It’s a little more of thriller than most TNG episodes, which is probably another reason people like it so much.
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Data gives laughing a shot

Code 47! That’s the emergency frequency, for captain’s eyes only! Picard’s friend, Walker, says they need to talk in person! I’m already really excited about this episode. Instead of doing a proper review I’ll probably just explain things that happen in the episode only I’ll add exclamation marks.

I like the scene where they grill Picard and warn him of the conspiracy! Great way to set the stage for the rest of the episode. Now this is the best episode of season one.

The Horatio was destroyed! That was Walker’s ship!

The computer basically tells Data to shut up

Admiral Quinn and Remmick are back.

Quinn has a bug inside him so he’s super strong. He takes out Riker!

Then he throws Geordi outside!


Luckily Beverly shows up

Geordi: “If I could see I’d be seeing stars.” This line made it all the way to the final cut. Usually this kind of writing gets shut down before it’s spoken out loud by the person that had the misfortune of thinking it up.

People eat bugs.

This is my favorite episode for Riker so far. Yes, even better than Angel One

Hey this is getting kind of gross

That’s really gross

Ah! What the hell!?


This image was burned in my head from a young age.

Data says those bug people initiated a homing beacon for earth?


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  • Ruth

    They really needed to follow up this episode.

  • Andrew

    Really ominous ending…