[TNG] The Neutral Zone

TNG Season 1, Episode 26 (Netflix: S1 E27): The Neutral Zone
Rating: 3
Most of the time in this episode is spent on annoying people from the past. It has some interesting elements, but the real excitement of this episode comes from an encounter with Romulans!
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An old earth capsule is found floating around in space

It’s heading towards a quasar. Riker says screw it, let it hit the quasar, but Data convinces him that it’s valuable history and all

Worf runs into a door expecting it to open

There are people being preserved in capsules. …Khan?

That’s not Khan

Picard shows up and wants to go to the neutral zone! He says several outposts have been attacked! It may be the Romulans! …Balance of Terror?

The people wake up who were dead and out of their time period. Riker, Data, and Crusher have to explain everything to them

The past-people irritate Picard so he goes down there and makes fun of people from our century. Hey lighten up man

Troi: “Computer, this is counselor Troi.” The computer doesn’t care who you are Troi

…Can we please get back to the search for the Romulans

The Romulan Warbird makes for a perfect re-introduction to the Romulans. It’s one of my favorite ship designs. Awesome and menacing, but not over-the-top like many of the later giant-piles-of-angular-metal villain ships

Worf hates Romulans! They’re without honor! They killed his parents!

After decades the Romulans finally show themselves again. They’re still dorks. Marc Alaimo is one of them though.

File under: Marc Alaimo (Dukat)

Someone has been blowing up the Romulan outposts too! An even more powerful threat? Picard asks for temporary cooperation, but the Romulans don’t like them. Romulan-Dukat ends with a “We’re back.” Yeah, we get it.


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  • Cap’nsCrunchyComments

    Hey I thought that guy looked like Dukat! Where’s a pa-wraith when you need one. “After decades the Romulans finally show themselves again. They’re still dorks” haha big lol. Romulus has great technology but few qualified barbers.

  • Cecil Gershwin Palmer

    It seemed to me like Picard was a bit harsh towards the three visitors. I get that he was under stress because of the Romulan situation, and that they came out of left field with no warning–but it still seemed a little unusual.

  • Hogtree Octovish

    This is one of favourite Trek episodes because of the “present day” humans.
    And them coming to terms with 24th-century life and how different it is to late-20th-century life.
    Especially the scene(s) where Picard tells Offenhouse that we apparently don’t have money in the future, so all of his greed was for nothing.
    One/Two of my favourite scenes in Star Trek since I first watched it as a kid.

    Don’t get why Worf was there when they woke up, though.
    They’re from a period in history decades before (official) human-alien first contact, and the first thing they see is a perpetually angry guy with a giant forehead.
    I love Worf (one of my favourite characters), but still.
    Not the guy I want to see when coming out of (essentially) a coma.

    And the Romulans are back.
    With not!Dukat.
    And a mysterious new alien trying to destroy both of them.

    A great episode (in my opinion) and a great season finale.