[TNG] We’ll Always Have Paris

TNG Season 1, Episode 24 (Netflix: S1 E25): We’ll Always have Paris
Rating: 2
I like crazy “time” stories, but this episode actually had too slow a pace. There are some attempts at back story and character building that aren’t terrible, but don’t really add much to our understanding of the crew. The mysterious, fantastic occurrences don’t ever coalesce into an intriguing plot, even if they’re enjoyable on their own.
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Picard likes fencing

So the holodeck knows what some cafe looked like at a specific time in history? They keep good records in the 24th century. It even seems to know what the people were doing then.

The waiter says they have wine and cheese

“Enough of this self-indulgence.” Seriously.

Data tells a crude joke

She has a history with Picard

Then things get loopy

This guy’s mind is shifting between dimensions or something. Kind of like Alternative Factor from TOS

Octagon storage containers are way more efficient

Data saves the day


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