[TNG] Skin of Evil

TNG Season 1, Episode 23 (Netflix: S1 E24): Skin of Evil

Rating: 2

This episode is hard to watch at times due to a frustrating villain, general dullness, and a pointless death. Underneath all that I think there are interesting concepts, and they do successfully capture a genuine feeling of helplessness, even if it isn’t fun to sit through. Whether you like it or not, this episode should be watched for continuity.

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Yar talks about maybe winning a martial arts tournament. She has such a bright future

Is this guy another engineering chief, or just a guy? I think it’s funny he says his middle initial every time.

The special effect really doesn’t come through for the design of Armus.

Armus’s voice is over-the-top

Armus calls Data “tin man”. I guess Armus is a fan of The Wizard of Oz

Yar is dead?!?!

Yar got a little crazy with the blush.

I like how Picard taps on the table to get everyone’s attention. I also like Worf’s decision to stay on the ship

I like that they try to tackle what pure evil might look like, but Armus comes off as just seeming like a school bully.

Armus eats Riker

Armus gets weaker when he talks to Troi

Picard realizes Armus wants amusement and employs the classic anti-bullying strategy of not getting riled up

It’s worth noting that Troi has been stuck in the shuttle with an almost dead crew member and she seems to have never made any attempt to help him. He just lies exactly how he was thrown in the crash. Troi is heartless!

Armus says he is the skin of evil discarded by a race of titans. Even aside from the use of the word “titans” it sounds like an ancient mythology type of story.

According to this graph the plot will be resolved soon

Yar wanted her funeral at the Windows default desktop image from 1998

Yar talks about the great qualities of each person who attended the funeral (luckily no one came who she didn’t mention. That would’ve been awkward). She says Riker always made her laugh. Was Riker supposed to be the comic relief this whole time?


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  • http://twitter.com/ParrotTalkBack Ana the Hated

    That skin blotch irritated me every time. It’s not like this episode was filmed before make-up effects were invented.

  • Hogtree Octovish

    So after building up this potentially awesome character, they have her die like a common Redshirt by being slapped by an alien oil slick.

    And yes, I know Ms. Crosby wanted to quit, but they could’ve given her a more heroic death.
    Hell, having her be the one that was eaten by the blob monster would’ve been better than that.