[TNG] Heart of Glory

TNG Season 1, Episode 20 (Netflix: S1 E21): Heart of Of Glory

Rating: 2
The episode covers some interesting ground when it deals with the way Klingon society is changing, but it that idea doesn’t translate into much of a plot. There are some steps made to flesh out Worf’s character, which is nice, but not as effective as some season 2 episodes.
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There is activity in the neutral zone! Data theorizes it could be the Romulans! You’d better not be foolin with us TNG

I like the idea of exploring Geordi’s vision, but the special effects can’t do the idea justice.

Well, no Romulans, but Klingons are good too!

File under: Klingons

That’s right Worf, that means this episode is going to be about you

This Klingon is Vaughn Armstrong.

File under: Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest)

Somehow they figure out that the Klingons are hiding something without Troi there to tell them

Worf joins in for their Klingon death yell. They must think he is a total poser

Look at the giant shoes they had Vaughn Armstrong wear to make him taller

There are too many death howls in this episode


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  • paymentplan

    i think you mean not enough death howls! I liked this episode. establishing worf’s backstory is good, but I thought being able to completely destroy the enterprise with one phaser shot to the dilithium crystal chamber was a little farfetched. wouldn’t they want to have a better safety measure for that? anyone could accidentally fire their phaser in that.

    • KL

      Yeah I liked it too actually, it was culturally interesting to explore the Klingons, and had strong Klingon characters. It was also racially offensive though. Worf is a Starfleet officer, but also a Klingon… If he meets other Klingons, he might be untrustworthy because of… His race? Racist.