[DS9] Dramatis Personae

DS9 Season 1, Episode 18 (Netflix: S1 E17): Dramatis Personae

Rating: 1
It’s another “the crew is losing it” episode. I tend not to like these episodes. If the crew has to solve a pointless problem, I at least want to see them acting as the characters I like. Plus, the problems that escalate have nothing to do with the resolution. The viewer is just waiting out the craziness until it arbitrarily ends.
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A dying Klingon!

Odo flips out.

Everyone keeps acting strange and gets paranoid about a petty Kira/Sisko conflict. Seems clear we’re just going to have to sit through everyone acting like a weirdo until they tell us what’s happened to them

This episode is getting hard to watch. Not funny. Not interesting. Not anything

Sisko made a thing. Good job Sisko

Everyone is acting strange because of a telepathic field. Oh. Alright

Oh good, Bashir found a way to zap the craziness out of them


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