[DS9] Duet

DS9 Season 1, Episode 18 (Netflix: S1 E17): Duet

Rating: 4

This episode is just a bunch of talking for 45 minutes about the Cardassians and the Bajorans and their history and some labor camp. And it’s excellent!

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Both Sisko and Kira have very sympathetic positions, yet are at odds. Thats not always easy to do.

You can tell something is up with this guy, but the mystery of what exactly that is, is well done


File under: Marc Alaimo (Dukat)

Kira admits she wants him punished. Yes! Vengeance!

File under: Revenge!

Gul Darhe’el?! The butcher of Gallitep?

Harris Yulin did a good job


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  • David

    This episode was a 3 for me. Two twist in one episode just cheapens the plot for me. Although I like the development Kira goes through.