[TNG] Home Soil

TNG Season 1, Episode 18 (Netflix: S1 E19): Home Soil

Rating: 2
“Home Soil” compares (perhaps unfavorably) to the TOS episode “The Devil In The Dark”. It’s also notable for being one of a handful of episodes that deal with terraformers through out the Trek cannon. Other than that the episode is competently but unceremoniously put together. It’s mildly enjoyable first third flattens out once the mysteries are resolved.
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This guy hasn’t done anything yet, but I already like him

The viewers demanded them, and now they are here: Vegetation graphs!

Data gets into a fight with a laser

The mystery is intriguing in the beginning

Inorganic life? They got the stubborn computer to admit it could be life

Now it’s communicating. It’s rude

Now it’s taking over the ship! Not a very menacing enemy

They make friends with it though


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  • Brendan

    “Ugly bags of mostly water” was the funniest thing I had ever heard, when I was 10.