[TNG] When The Bough Breaks

TNG Season 1, Episode 17 (Netflix: S1 E18): When The Bough Breaks
Rating: 2
There’s an interesting episode in here somewhere. An episode that deals with two basically good groups of people struggling to come to an agreement in a dire situation. Unfortunately that episode is buried pretty deeply in the incredibly dull “When The Bough Breaks”.
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Aldea! That mysterious cloaking planet that I don’t care about!

The Aldeans have taken some children from Enterprise. I don’t see what the big deal is.

File under: Children

Rashella wants Alexandria all to herself. The lesson here is that children make people greedy

“Why do you want them back so badly? You can always make more.”

Oh good, they found a way to transport onto the planet and disable their stuff


Then Enterprise solves all of the Aldean’s problems


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