[TNG] Too Short A Season

TNG Season 1, Episode 16 (Netflix: S1 E17): Too Short A Season

Rating: 2
An old admiral slowly becomes younger for unimportant reasons. There’s some business about negotiations, but the writers don’t invest it with any significance past the function it serves in the plot. Which is to really explore an old guy we don’t know getting young. But then… the writers don’t seem too invested in that either. In the end it’s funny to watch a young guy try to act like an old guy I guess. Picard has some good moments too, but y’know, it’s Picard. He’s always good.
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Enterprise picked up an old man

They even let him drive

Then he gets less old

Then he gets even less old. Now he can free some hostages!

I like that Picard goes on the mission

Their weapons are set to kill!

In the end situation, Picard has to convince this guy that Jameson has grown younger by about 40 years, and that it really is the Jameson he knew 40 years ago. Wait, that should be easy. He should recognize him


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