[TNG] 11001001

TNG Season 1, Episode 15 (Netflix: S1 E16): 11001001

Rating: 2
This episode has some interesting and exciting elements, but the Binars are a little goofy and the Holodeck part of this episode is really goofy.
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The Starbase looks cool. The whole docking process is cool. General just a cool feel for the beginning

Oh good, Wesley’s got the bridge

We’re introduced to the binars. For a one time appearance alien, they seem interesting, and we get a good sense of what they’re like. They can be a little silly.

We get to see what everyone does with time off. Yar and Worf play some kind of game for squares…

…Data paints and Geordi watches him…

…Crusher is going to see some professor…

…and I guess Riker just wanders around the ship.

Riker: “Good job boys, but computer, blondes and jazz seldom go together.”                                                                                                        What is that supposed to mean?

Apparently the upgrades to the system are so the holodeck can make hotter women for Riker to flirt with.

File under: Romance?

He’s seducing her with his trombone playing?

File under: Star Trek Jam Band

Abandon ship!

They set the auto-destruct sequence!

Data ordered the evacuation of Enterprise. You blew it Data

I like that Picard and Riker are taking every precaution, but we all kind of knew the Binars wouldn’t have put up much of a fight

Them trying to figure out the code just seems like the writers are stretching for time, yet this is where they got the title from.

The explanation that the Binars think in terms of “1 or 0” or “yes or no” doesn’t really make that much sense. The Binars motives made more sense without that explanation.


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