[TNG] Angel One

TNG Season 1, Episode 14 (Netflix: S1 E15): Angel One

Rating: 1
This episode isn’t good. I probably should explain this with all of the harsh analysis it deserves, but I don’t even really want to think about it anymore.
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It’s that city that also appears in DS9 and Voyager

A matriarchal society. I’m sure this will be handled really well (it won’t)

Picard said Romulan ships were detected by one of starfleet’s listening posts! Why isn’t this episode about that?

A snowball flies out of the holodeck and hits Picard. Wouldn’t it just disappear?

In a matriarchal society, everyone puts their hands on their hips. Also there’s a tiny Conan O’Brien

Worf: “I think I may sneeze.”                                                              Geordi: “A Klingon sneeze?”                                                                  Worf: “Only kind I know.”                                                                             That’s a weird thing to say Geordi.

Cool hair. Everyone has cool hair in this episode

Riker is getting involved a little too much. That’s not very professional

File under: Romance?

The virus came from the holodeck?

Hey they’re demonstrating their murder machine on that cool vase! We would’ve taken your word for it that it kills things.

Hooray! Crusher found a cure! I was really worried for a minute

heh, they make a joke about Picard not being able to talk because he’s sick. It was the longest 10 seconds of my life


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  • Ben

    In the first season they made it a recurring point that the holodecks used transporters and replicators for everything, and that holograms were for stuff they couldn’t, like people. So it’d be a real snowball. And after a few crazy holodeck episodes it became a regular hologram thing (except in first contact and a fistful od Datas where they used guns).

    Great site, BTW

    • http://twitter.com/LetsWatchST Lets Watch Star Trek

      Oh, good point. I guess i was just thinking about how in “The Big Goodbye” some of the holo-characters step out of the holodeck and disappear because there wasn’t any holo-emitters outside. It makes sense if it’s different for people, and the objects are like the replicators though.

  • http://twitter.com/johntodd55 John Christensen

    Ha, I wrote a response to this but, then it deleted. so this will be real short, and to the point.

    Riker and the Hair lady getting it on has nothing to do with the plot. what so ever. no benefit. no consequence. just there. Also real quickly, the meditation ball. no point, and also a gift from the federation. how impressive.

    the snow ball smells like perfume, the perfume is introduced to DATA, the perfume lets the doctor know the virus is airborne (by smelling it)!!! and the perfume smells like klingon something or other. how does the doctor not get sick. did they get poisoned with perfume or snowballs.

    Last, Introducing the Romulins in the first act is like introducing a gun in the first act. It has to come back into play somehow. but it doesn’t. however it is used as a scary curfew for the crew of the Enterprise. Night Night.

  • paymentplan

    God DAMN I wish I hadn’t watched this episode.