[TNG] Datalore

TNG Season 1, Episode 13 (Netflix: S1 E14): Datalore

Rating: 2

If you’re especially interested to learn about Data’s history you should watch this episode. It also introduces Lore, who will come back. What brings this episode down to a 2 is the second half, in which we have to frustratingly watch the characters inability to figure out Lore’s plan. Even more frustrating is that Wesley figures it out but is so inarticulate that he can’t warn the rest of the crew.

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A stupid scene about Data trying to sneeze

Data goes home. He totally recognizes these tubes from when he was a kid.

Why would “proud parents” display drawings their children made of mass murder?

Argyle is back

 File under: Biff Yeager (Argyle)

Data tells Crusher about his “off switch”. I wonder if that will come in handy later on.


File under: Lore

I didn’t know people actually did the “evil twin” thing in stories

Hey Wesley, if you believe Lore is posing as Data why don’t you just say so instead of saying vague things like “do not let him roam the ship freely” without giving any kind of explanation.

And once Wesley does say something everyone gets angry and acts like he is out of line. Why are the writers making us side with Wesley against Picard? Thats cruel.

Robot showdown!

Wesley saves the day again


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  • KL

    Dear “Lets Watch Star Trek”, I’m a long time fan and first time commentator, so to speak. This episode is pretty bad, but to those who haven’t watched it, it is very watchable. If only to see Captain Picard tell Wesley to shut up – twice!

    • KL

      My mistake, only once – but still awesome

      • http://www.letswatchstartrek.com/ Lets Watch Star Trek

        Good to hear from you! Yeah that is a great part of the episode

  • Charles Baker

    While I’d say I like this episode just ’cause Data’s my favorite character, I still would say it’s a must-watch. Not that it’s all that good, but it introduces Lore, a MASSIVELY important character later on.