[TNG] The Big Goodbye

TNG Season 1, Episode 12 (Netflix: S1 E13): The Big Goodbye

Rating: 2
This episode tests the waters for holodeck-centric stories. In a lot of ways it confirms that the writers don’t have a great handle on the perimeters of what the holodeck can and can’t do, which sets the stage for future poorly conceived episodes of the same variety. Still, it has some fun moments. I would’ve actually preferred that the stakes stayed low the whole episode, as it seems artificial and ineffective to inject mysterious malfunctions to endanger the crew. I’d rather just watch Picard have a good time pretending to be a private eye.
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Picard needs a break

It’s the first real holodeck episode in TNG

Picard calls a meeting to tell everyone about how awesome and fun the holodeck is. Oh yeah, and something about diplomacy with a bug species or whatever who cares holodeck!

They treat the holodeck much more like a computer program than they do in later episodes.

Don’t worry, Wesley will save the day again

Pipe down, chorus boy!

File under: Lawrence Tierney

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  • Hogtree Octovish

    I think Picard sums up the episode quite nicely:
    “It was a nice place to visit, Number One, but… I wouldn’t want to die there.”
    Fun filler, but not very Star Trek.

  • Kat

    “Shoulda taken care of Castro when they had the chance. Like we did in Guatemala.”