[TNG] Haven

TNG Season 1, Episode 11 (Netflix: S1 E12): Haven

Rating: 1

This episode is about an arranged marriage between Deanna and a man called Wyatt. So it gets a 1.

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Who thought this was a good idea? …Is that Quark?

File under: Armin Shimerman

It’s the first appearance of Lwaxana

File under: Majel Barrett (Chapel/Lwaxana)

Why are they trying to annoy the viewer so much?

Why does Lwaxana have a pet plant on her arm?

Why does Yar look like this? Why is everything happening? Whose fault is all of this?

It’s the lady from Wyatt’s dreams! Ok so we all know where this is going so hurry it along

Troi: “That was meant as a joke captain.”                                          Picard: “I was not amused.”                                                                       Yup that pretty much sums up this episode


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  • Madeleine Bliss

    I loved all the visual elements of that episode! So pleasing to watch.

    • Malachi Ward

      Yeah the pink and blue color scheme in this episode is pretty fantastic.

  • Hogtree Octovish

    I thought it was OK. Especially since it was a Lwaxana episode.
    I remember hating Lwaxana episodes when I first watched TNG and DS9 as a youngster.

    I don’t get the arranged marriage thing though.
    And I thought Deanna’s dad was a human and her fiancé is full human, so why all the fuss about it being a Betazoid wedding.
    I mean, no-one except Lwaxana even wanted it.
    And the silver Quark-face box is just creepy looking.

    Oh, and Deanna calls Riker “Bill” again.

  • Kat

    I can’t believe Wyatt is T-bag.