[TNG] Hide and Q

TNG Season 1, Episode 10 (Netflix: S1 E11): Hide and Q

 Rating: 2

This episode covers some themes that I’m very interested in, such as the temptation of power, but I’m not pleased with how they demonstrate this theme. In the end Riker rejects ultimate power just because his friends don’t really like the gifts he gave them. Plus there are a lot of really silly things in this episode.

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Similar themes as TOS episode Where No Man Has Gone Before



File under: John de Lancie (Q)

“Macro-head, with a micro-brain” -Q (to Worf)                                 …Good one Q

There is a lot of growling in this episode

File under: One Note Worf

Looks like a set from TOS

Everyone talks back to Q, but as soon as Yar does it, both here and in Encounter at Farpoint, Q makes an example out of her. He must really not like her

“It sounds strange, but Im in a penalty box…Q’s penalty box. It sounds strange but it definitely isn’t.” -Yar                                               No it’s strange, as is Yar’s weird crying scene that follows.

“Vicious animal things” -Worf

Cool confrontation scene between Q and Picard

Riker made Wesley older! but he still has to dress like a moron

Riker: “I feel like such an idiot”                                                          Picard: “Quite right, so you should”


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  • Hogtree Octovish

    I like Wes’ outfit in this episode.
    It looks a bit like a bootleg Starfleet uniform.
    So it suits him as a bootleg Starfleet ensign.

    But, yeah it’s a silly (but fun) episode.
    Although, the weirdest part is when Riker actually sits down like a normal person (approx. 29:10).

    But it’s a Q episode. So it’s to be expected.
    I liked it, but Q is probably my favourite recurring Star Trek character.