[TNG] The Battle

TNG Season 1, Episode 9 (Netflix: S1 E10): The Battle
Rating: 2
Even in a good old revenge story the Ferengi don’t make for great villains.
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It’s the second appearance of the Ferengi

File under: Ferengi

And the first appearance of Bok

File under: Frank Corsentino (Bok)

Troi says she senses considerable deception from Bok. Again, she is just lying because she can’t sense Ferengi, but it’s a pretty good guess.

File under: Is Troi Even Telepathic?

The Doctor talking about the old days of headaches and colds is kind of silly.

Yet another poor choice for Wesley’s uniform. One of the reasons Wesley is annoying is because generally people don’t like or buy that he is so much smarter than Data, Geordi, and everyone else.

The Ferengi have a crazy transporter look.

Wesley figures it all out

Picard really loses it

File under: The Possessed

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