[TNG] Justice

TNG Season 1, Episode 8 (Netflix: S1 E9): Justice
Rating: 1
It’s just too silly. Some of its would-be positives, like analyzing justice and deterrence, I found unimpressive, and end up being missed opportunities. Picard is cool in this episode, but it’s not enough to bring it past a 1.
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Riker returns from meeting with the Edo and tells Picard of their beautiful planet. Beverly then says “it sounds wonderful for the children.” This is when responsible Riker should say “uh, no, it’s actually full of barely dressed people who want to have sex with everyone, and Wesley definitely shouldn’t go.”

So then Picard wants Wesley to go down to the planet to evaluate if it’s a place suitable for young people to relax? Is he serious? Please don’t send him

“Our rules are simple. No one does anything uncomfortable” Also, don’t step on the flowers. We’ll murder you for that. Did we not mention that rule? oops.

Why? Why did they bring Wesley

“Oh, what am I wearing? Actually someone just gave me the most horrifying wedgie in history.”

Riker: “When in Rome, eh?                                                                    Worf: “When in where?”                                                                                  I guess with all Worf’s time on earth, he had never heard of Rome

Lt. Carey? What are you doing here? You’re on the wrong show

File under: Josh Clark (Lt. Carey)

Picard doesn’t like that guy’s costume either. No, I’m just kidding, this was his reaction to a sparkly bubble. What a goofy episode

They shouldn’t have brought Wesley

I just always love shots of them trying to look cool with the little dinky phasers

Why should Crusher know how to help Data?

The prime directive plays a large role in this episode. Maybe I don’t understand the prime directive, but shouldn’t they have never made contact with these people because of it? They are pre-warp aren’t they? I guess the prime directive kind of changes

File under: Prime Directive

Like many episodes with god-like entities, they just convince the god to stop being a plot obstruction. Star Trek gods are such push-overs

File under: god-like entity


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  • Chris

    This series would have got really interesting had they allowed Wesley to be executed.