[ENT] Shadows of P’Jem

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 15 (Netflix: S1 E14): Shadows of P’Jem

Rating: 3
This episode has a particularly painful scene, and a contrived plot, but it’s fun enough to get a 3. I like that they are doing a follow-up to the Andorian Incident, with what happened at P’Jem. It further builds on the arc in Enterprise dealing with diplomacy and establishing the Federation. All of this is cool
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Soval is back, and P’Jem was attacked!

File under: Gary Graham (Soval)

Aw, T’Pol has to leave Enterprise because the Vulcans are unsatisfied with her. Of course we know she won’t really leave, but this sets up the problem to be solved. Hopefully there will be some kind of incident where she can prove herself to the Vulcans.

The Coridan! I wonder why they look so different within Enterprise. In this episode they basically look like humans with some lines on their faces…

…Here is what the Coridan look like at the end of Enterprise (from the episode “Demons”). I wish they could have been in the show more.

These two are making this look really hard. Standing up while back-to-back with a friend is slightly easier than standing up alone.

Enterprise writers are always sooo subtle with their forced sexual tension. How weird that they’ve ended up in so many awkward positions while trying to get untied!


The Vulcans show up and want to lead a rescue mission with all their better technology and tactics instead of negotiate. Trip seems to think they’re jerks for taking this aggressive approach….So Trip leads his own rescue mission

Yeah! Andorians!

 File under: Andorians

And it’s Shran! And he has a debt to pay to Archer!

File under: Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun/Shran)

Even with all the silly scenes, I have to admit, I really like watching Shran team up with the crew coming off of “The Andorian Incident”.

T’Pol risking her life to save the Vulcan guy seemed really forced. It would have been better if they worked it into the actual fight, but it would still be an unsatisfying solution.


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