[ENT] The Andorian Incident

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 7 (Netflix: S1 E6): The Andorian Incident
Rating: 4
This episode begins one of my favorite elements of Enterprise, which is the arc dealing with the Andorians, Vulcans, Tellerites, and founding the Federation. It’s a good episode for laying out the relationship between humans, Vulcans, and Andorians in Enterprise. Shran makes his first appearance and he is a favorite side character of mine.
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What you think of this episode might heavily rely on what you think about Andorians. Andorians may be one of the best tests in Star Trek to see how nerdy you have become. They look silly, and a normal person might be embarrassed to be watching them. I think they’re awesome. I like their relationship with the Vulcans, I like Shran, and I’ve even really grown attached to how they look.

Archer giving Trip signals to jump a guy reminds me of something Kirk would do

First appearance of Shran

File under: Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun/Shran)

Reed makes for a cool captain.

T’Pol is so touchy. Also this scene is lame.

There may be a plot hole in the way they use the transporter. Why don’t they transport the crew up? Why don’t they transport the Andorians up? I’m not too bent out of shape about this one because they do a good job of treating the transporter as a last resort in Enterprise (because it’s more experimental at this point in time) and there very well may be an explanation. Such as maybe they aren’t good at locking onto people on a planet yet. At any rate, it should’ve been addressed.

That seems like a heavy price to pay to just verify that the tunnel connects with the atrium.

This episode kicks off the relationship between Archer and Shran


Further Analysis:

Some people, especially those familiar with Trek in general but haven’t seen Enterprise, may point to this as the first major example that the writers didn’t know what they were doing with Vulcans. Vulcans in this episode are shown to be liars, and Vulcans are known for never telling lies. One must have a pretty low opinion of Star Trek writers to think they just forgot about this part of Vulcans. If this is your first time watching Enterprise just know that they do have something in mind for the Vulcans, and it was intentional. We can discuss if it was a good idea or not later, but just realize they do actually have a plan.

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