[ENT] Sleeping Dogs

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 14 (Netflix: S1 E13): Sleeping Dogs

Rating: 3
A solid episode. It’s cool to see the crew wander around the alien ship trying to figure things out, while learning about who they’re dealing with.
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Hoshi is training with the new weapons

Reed has a cold. I kept expecting this to somehow work it’s way into moving the plot forward, but no, he just has a cold.

The writing is Klingon!

File under: Klingon arc in ENT

I kind of agree with T’Pol about letting the Klingons do their thing and die honorably.

One of them is awake!

T’Pol says that Klingons don’t use distress beacons or escape pods. That’s a cool way of introducing the Klingons of this time period, but they also might have just done it to cover up what would be plot holes. Whatever

Isn’t there someone other than Archer who should be wielding these braces?

T’Pol teaching Hoshi how to cool down is kind of a nice example of helpful Vulcanisms in a series that has very few.

They build up that Archer has to start thinking like a Klingon. But being able to show that he didn’t infect her crew was most of the reason he broke through to her

They had to create a design for a ship that looked Klingon enough to satisfy the fans, but different enough that we wouldn’t immediately recognize that it was Klingon. That’s a tricky one

Hoshi is center stage again for this episode

File under: Hoshi Focused

Vaughn Armstrong is a Klingon

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  • http://twitter.com/johntodd55 John Christensen

    you bring up some good points. My favorite line was “photon torpedoes, what are those.” perfect ENT line. Also, stealing a ship and fleeing your own to go get help doesn’t seem very klingon. good episode. cant go wrong with dark ships, guns, and flashlights. always exciting.