[DS9] The Storyteller

DS9 Season 1, Episode 14 (Netflix: S1 E13): The Storyteller

Rating: 1
It doesn’t speak well for an episode when the most entertaining parts involve Jake and Nog fool’n about.
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O’Brien asks that someone else go on the mission. He’s trying to get his way out of this episode. I know how he feels

I love it when the shot before the opening credits is the characters looking at each other because they’re so confused/concerned

O’Brien hates Bashir

They try to make this girl seem like a strong young leader, but she is so clearly wrong in the conflict that it makes her look like an idiot. The river is supposed to be the border between their lands and when the Cardassians moved the river she thinks that means her people gained more land. That makes her seem really childish

I love it when the shot before a commercial break is the characters looking at each other because they’re so confused/concerned

The whole concept of the storyteller is silly

Yeah! Zap it with your confidence!

Poor Jake. Why do they make him wear this stuff?

Ha, I like Jake’s reaction to getting Odo all over him

It’s Lawrence Monoson, also seen in the the Enterprise episode “Fortunate Son”

File under: Lawrence Monoson

O’Brien failed! Hooray?

They’ve kicked off the O’Brien/Bashir friendship. Well, not really, but at least they’ve started interacting


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  • dennymcmullen

    Ok now i have to watch this episode. http://www.startrekcomics.blogspot.com

  • http://twitter.com/johntodd55 John Christensen

    Best line is when the girl says “my parents are dead”, hilarious. also, this must be Odo’s most tedious day as head security officer on a intergalaxy space station. telling kids where they can sit and all.

    Im not even going to comment on the storyteller part. dumb. in so many ways.