[DS9] Battle Lines

DS9 Season 1, Episode 13 (Netflix: S1 E12): Battle Lines

 Rating: 2

There is a somewhat interesting concept behind this episode: soldiers having to fight an endless war where they can’t die, but it wasn’t interesting enough to give this episode a good rating. The episode’s purpose seemed to be addressing what to do with Kai Opaka, so perhaps you should watch it to find out what happens to her.

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Alright Kira, calm down


File under: Camille Saviola (Opaka)

Wouldn’t every Bajoran be dying to go through the wormhole since they believe it’s a celestial temple?

Oh no! Opaka is dead!

Either the universal translator is malfunctioning, or Kira is just saying nonsense

A cave full of ugly people!

File under: Cave!

Oh no! Opaka is alive!

Kira makes some faces in this episode

Hurry up, O’Brien. Just find some kind of technobabble solution


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