[DS9] Vortex

DS9 Season 1, Episode 12 (Netflix: S1 E11): Vortex

Rating: 2
Nothing particularly interesting happens in this episode. There is a guy, and sometimes he lies, and you don’t know when he’s lying, and then it turns out he’s not such a bad murderer or something. It features a lot of Odo, which may raise it a few notches if you like Odo. The most important aspect of the episode is that it plants seeds for the Changelings. Even though it’s a dull episode and only worthy of a 2, you may want to watch it for that reason if you are new to the series.
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Odo transforms into a glass. I don’t know too much about shape-shifting, but that seems like it would be harder than an ear

Randy Oglesby! Twice!

File under: Randy Oglesby (Degra)

This episode sets up one of Odo’s more annoying traits, but it also sets up changlings in the gamma quadrant!

Yes! A Cave!

Vulcans! Apparently they put the IDIC everywhere


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