[DS9] The Nagus

DS9 Season 1, Episode 11 (Netflix: S1 E10): The Nagus

Rating: 2
This episode really introduces how ferengis will be approached in DS9. Your opinion of this episode mainly relies on what you think of ferengis. I thought it was a little dull.
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There is the first mention of the rules of acquisition. Rom also is back, and he acts more like the typical Rom, but he isn’t quite there

It’s the first appearance of the Grand Negus. No offense to Wallace Shawn, but he makes for a perfect ferengi

This may be the first episode where they realized Morn can be funny

The sub-plot for this episode is about Jake’s friendship with Nog

While Rom’s mannerisms are closer to his final product, his main motivation is getting Quark’s bar, even if it means killing Quark. That doesn’t seem very much like the Rom of later DS9


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