[VOY] Heroes and Demons

VOY Season 1, Episode 12 (Netflix S1 E11): Heroes And Demons

Rating: 2
I was all set to watch this episode knowing it wasn’t going to be great, and it would be another goofy holodeck episode, but even with these low expectations I was still a little disappointed. Far too much time is dedicated to an analysis of photonic energy, and photonic life, and all the other kind of photonic stuff I don’t care about. It may have even earned a 1 rating, but Robert Picardo is entertaining enough to bring it to a 2.
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First real holodeck episode in Voyager

File under: Holodeck

The repetitiveness of the holodeck makes it seem more like a computer program. It also makes watching this lady more annoying.

A holodeck episode creates a situation where the Doctor can be a hero

Janeway pretends she has a gun. She doesn’t fool anyone though

I always thought The Doctor and a viking woman would make a great couple. Somehow it didn’t really work though

The Doctor: “The only reason you wont die is because I’ve taken an oath, to do no harm.”         …Oh brother

Harry doesn’t appear until the last five minutes or so. Initially it added to the curiosity of what happened to him, but then I just kind of forgot about him

So the Doctor decides not to go with “Schweitzer” for a name. The saga for the Doctor to choose a name continues! It’s far from over, and far from interesting.

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  • dennymcmullen

    “The Doctor and the Viking woman” sounds like a great series. Love Janeway’s hair.