[VOY] State of Flux

VOY Season 1, Episode 11 (Netflix S1 E10): State of Flux

 Rating: 3
This episode introduces some important story arcs, and brings the Kazon back. The “Seska” arc can get a little sloppy – there are some gigantic plot holes in later episodes – but it proves to be entertaining overall. The Kazon are a little perplexing. The writers don’t seem to have a very clear vision for what they want the Kazon to be, but they don’t get in the way of this episode being generally solid.

Carey is pretty excited about fruit

File under: Josh Clark (Lt. Carey)

A cave!

File under: Cave!

Chakotay and Seska are an item? Where did this come from? It would have meant more if the writers would have introduced the relationship in previous episodes, but at the same time I’m glad I didn’t have to see more of this.

File under: Martha Hackett (Seska)

Although it’s only a small detail, I like that Carey comes up with a solution. In Star Trek it’s rare that anyone other than the genius main engineer, or a character having to do with a plot, comes up with a technical solution. It makes it seem like there’s an actual team down there.

It’s also funny that B’Elanna gives an accurate time estimate for completing their task. That doesn’t usually happen, and it’s a great character choice.

Tuvok: “Captain, it is conceivable that she’s gone to the Kazon ship to destroy evidence that might implicate her.”                                         Chakotay: “She’s gone back to the Kazon ship to prove herself to us. Can’t you see that?!”                                                                                                     Yeah you tell him, Chakotay. You’ll totally be right.

“He had the motive and the opportunity” (referring to Carey). So Carey not getting the promotion is motivation for him to give technology to the Kazon?

Yet another episode that makes Chakotay look like a chump.

Tuvok has a cool plan, because he’s Tuvok.

I like the way the truth is revealed to Chakotay. It’s not a huge surprise that Seska was the culprit, but this episode still has some nice twists that build Seska into a pretty fun character.

“Do not mistake composure with ease.” Seriously Tuvok is great everybody. Let’s agree.

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