[VOY] Cathexis

VOY Season 1, Episode 13 (Netflix S1 E12): Cathexis

Rating: 2

This episode is intriguing for most of it, and entertaining, but the revelation of the mystery just makes you realize that the mystery was only prolonged because of incompetence and plot holes. You’ll probably enjoy watching this episode, just don’t think about it too much.

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MORE holodeck? Janeway’s holodecks would just stress me out. On her free time does she seriously enjoy being bossed around, dealing with some snob family’s problems, in a spooky house?

The ship course being changed is kind of a cool/mysterious thing.

B’Elana: “He said that if anything ever happened to him that I should perform a special healing ritual”                                                                            I think Chakotay played a prank on B’Elana. It’s pretty messed up to embarrass your friends after you die, Chakotay.

Kes is sensing some kind of presence

Once they got Kes’s hair under control and started playing her character in relation to The Doctor, I started to like her. Her relationship with Neelix works against her, as well as how they treat her powers in some episodes (but not this episode for the most part). I think another reason people love to hate her is that she reminds TNG fans of Troi when she starts sensing things.

Paris said he caught a bad cold when he was 9. Crusher says the cold is a sickness of the past. Liars!

A magniton flash scan will solve everything! That’s exactly what I was thinking!

Janeway knocks Tuvok down. That shouldn’t happen

Hey Chakotay, instead of communicating with the crew with symbolism and your weird stones, just write a letter or something. Or maybe just possess Neelix’s body and go explain everything to Janeway, since they have already figured out that you are possessing people. It turns out the mystery of this episode is mainly due to Chakotay’s strategy to remain covert…for some reason

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