[DS9] Move Along Home

DS9 Season 1, Episode 10 (Netflix: S1 E9): Move Along Home

Rating: 1

A weird idea carried out in a silly way.

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Jake is back

It hurts a little every time they say “move along home”

Bashir is yelling at himself because he thinks he’s in a dream and he thinks that will wake himself up. How embarrassing

Lt. Primmin makes another appearance and even he is acting silly

File under: James Lasly (Lt. Primmin)

bunch of weirdos with their sticks

This game would seriously not be that fun to play, even if you knew the whole time it was just a game. Do the Wadi really play this on their home world?

Cave makes an appearance near the end!

File under: Cave!

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  • butkus

    so bad it’s good.