[DS9] The Passenger

DS9 Season 1, Episode 9 (Netflix: S1 E8): The Passenger

Rating: 1
This episode wasn’t so bad until it gets to a scene with some pretty horrible acting. Honestly you will have much more respect for Bashir and Siddig if you skip this episode. It is unusually bad for them both.
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“I impressed myself on that one actually.” Why do the writers want us to hate Bashir so much at this point in the series?

Hey lady, you’re crazy

Quark and Odo are talking really loudly about Jadzia who is only a few yards away

See, this guy can hear them

File under: James Lashly (Lt. Primmin)

It’s appropriate that they are addressing the issue of Starfleet wanting their own security for the station. I like it when Sisko chews out Lt. Primmin for questioning Odo. It makes Odo seem like he really knows what he is doing…

…So then the next scene Primmin apologizes to Odo, but then someone embarrasses Odo by breaching the computers. It makes Odo look really bad

Oh no! the prime suspect was pushed off a balcony!

File under: Detective story

I’m not saying Siddig is a bad actor, but this wasn’t his best performance

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