[DS9] Dax

DS9 Season 1, Episode 8 (Netflix: S1 E7): Dax
Rating: 2
This episode uses a mix between a trial/detective story to reveal the nature of Trills, and teaches us more about Dax. The actual trial (which isn’t actually a trial) makes enough sense, but falls into the typical Trek trial problem of having no real stakes by using a main character as the suspect. We know from the beginning that she will be let off. So the main point of the episode is to learn about Dax, but there are quite a lot of DS9 episodes with this point, making this episode redundant in the end. Since it’s so mystery-based it may be interesting to watch the first time, especially if you want to learn about Trills, but if you know  what’s going to happen it’s a pretty dull episode.
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Somewhat similar to TNG episode The Measure of a Man in that they use a trial to explain the nature of a character.

Julian isn’t much of a fighter

I think this city is from TNG. I guess it’s okay for DS9 to be reusing TNG stuff since they aired together.

Murder mystery!

File under: Detective story

This episode really introduces us to the character of Curzon Dax. Of the characters that you almost never see, he is one of my favorites.

Sometimes in Star-Trek-murder-mysteries the denouement is something that no one could have figured out because it depends on some arbitrary science fiction/fantasy answer (like the murderer cloned himself to kill himself, from A Man Alone). This episode is different in that the nature of the trial had its science fiction twist, but the solution made normal rational sense.


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