[ENT] Terra Nova

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 6 (Netflix: S1 E5): Terra Nova

Rating: 2

This episode had some good ideas at its foundation (regarding an early colony) but it was blandly executed. Most of it is just diplomacy with idiots. For being boring but with some interesting premises it gets a 2.

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I guess Brannon Braga really liked the name “Terra Nova”

A cave!

File under: Cave!

These people seem like 5 year olds

I suppose these things are a better looking version of the gameboy cartridges they would use in TOS

Oh good, a situation has presented itself that could allow them to earn each others trust

“It’s your turn to trust me” Can this get any more cliche? The only possible way was if one of them was hanging off of a cliff. Ha, that would be great

This episode showcases the nerdy boomer aspect of Travis, which I like. Sometimes I’m even forgiving of his poor line delivery because it makes him seem even dorkier. Sometimes


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