[ENT] Unexpected

[ENT] Season 1, Episode 5 (Netflix: S1 E4): Unexpected

Rating: 3

Well…Trip gets pregnant in this one, but it’s actually a better episode than you would think given that premise. Most of the plot is actually taken up by a cool first contact with an alien species, and they even throw in a great diplomatic showdown with the Klingons. Although the hook of the episode is really lame I think it had enough positives to pull off a 3.

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I like how excited Trip is to meet the Xyrillians, and how the other human crew members are really jealous. A good illustration of the exploration theme

I like the long process Trip has to go through before interacting with the aliens

I solid 20 minutes is dedicated to a first interaction with a species

After hearing the synopsis of this episode I was afraid most of it was going to be Trip making this face and the rest of the crew making stupid jokes. Fortunately it was only about a third of the episode!

A Klingon battle cruiser!

File under: Klingon arc in ENT

Archer isn’t doing so well at negotiating with the Klingons and T’Pol steps in to help and is actually pretty good at it.

I might be too generous on this episode just because I had such low expectations, but it really wasn’t that bad. It probably was saved because the writers couldn’t think of enough male-getting-pregnant jokes so they had to fill it with a cool species interaction and a  showdown with the Klingons.

Further Analysis:

For most people this episode was kind of a surprise given its synopsis. I like hearing people carefully admit that they actually kind of liked this episode. There are some that think this episode is horrible because of its apparent message, or it taking “rape” and making a joke out of it. I have to clarify that I haven’t heard of too many people who believe this, and I haven’t heard it from anyone who has an official blog or review site. I’ve only seen in it comment sections here or there. But still it should be refuted. The Xyrillians don’t have sex in any way like humans have sex, and both Trip and the Xyrillian willingly engage in “sex” without having any idea what the consequences would be. It isn’t at all like rape. This episode gives a person plenty of reasons to dislike it, but its alleged commentary on rape isn’t one of them.

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