[VOY] Time and Again

VOY Season 1, Episode 4 (Netflix S1 E3): Time and Again
Rating: 2
The episode shows promise in it’s early minutes, but is never able to pull the interesting bits together in a satisfying way. It doesn’t have glaring problems, but there aren’t a lot of bright spots either. There’s a fair amount of time travel buffoonery that doesn’t really lead to anything. Mostly it’s just Janeway and Paris running around dressed like candy corn. If you skip this episode the only thing you will miss is something that never really happened, so the stakes are about as low as they can get.

Paris discusses getting the jump on all the good girls before they get taken. The crew seems to be handling the idea that they won’t be home for 75 years pretty well.  I don’t want to see prolonged moping or anything, but the tone of the crew isn’t any different than if they were on a regular mission.

This episode introduces some of Kes’s powers

A polaric ion explosion causes a chain reaction that fractures sub-space causing time travel. I figured that’s what caused the time travel.

File under: Time Travel

I don’t think I like this kid

Luckily for Janeway and Paris these aliens that are all the way from the Delta quadrant look exactly like humans, only they wear dumb clothes.

File under: Infiltrating Alien Society

Like many Star Trek episodes, in this kind of situation the Starfleet characters wait way too long before they tell the truth.

File under: Prime Directive

Star Trek’s version of “It was all a dream!”. Only Kes knows something happened, but it just seems like she’s crazy.


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  • cawshis

    Time Travel! AGAIN! Let’s have an entire episode with barely any conflict with the Prime Directive…I mean…at least until the end and it turns out we can just hit a reset button.

    Definitely skippable, though I did like Chakotay and Tuvok’s interactions. Seems like Chakotay doesn’t really like him (still) and I’d like to have seen that explored more. I mean Tuvok was an uncover agent, right? Or did I imagine that?