[VOY] Parallax

VOY Season 1, Episode 3 (Netflix S1 E2): Parallax
Rating: 2

The writers did a good job of choosing the theme for this episode: having the crew deal with the Maquis/Starfleet tensions. Unfortunately they demonstrate this theme through B’Elanna. The problem is we never really connect to, or even understand why B’Elanna is so angry. When the story starts with a furious B’Elanna attacking another officer, I thought this episode was going to be about B’Elanna learning to get along with people. But instead it’s about the rest of the crew coming to accept crazy B’Elanna. The way this happens is that she proves her expertise as an engineer. Unfortunately the technical problems she solves, and the way she overcomes these problems, are totally incoherent to the audience and depend on techno-babble more than even the most loyal Star Trek fans can tolerate. When the crew starts to get along at the end, it seems completely unearned. So yes, the theme is appropriate, but carried out poorly, giving this episode a 2.

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Lt. Carey!

File under: Josh Clark (Lt. Carey)

Tuvok walks Chakotay down a hallway and makes total sense. While I would never suggest they take away Tuvok, having him around makes the rest of the characters seem even more irrational.

Seska! and in blue. I guess they didn’t figure out where to put her yet

File under: Martha Hackett (Seska)

I don’t like how B’Elanna says “Chakotay.” If that’s how it’s supposed to be pronounced she should fill in the rest of the crew.

It’s good they’re addressing general problems with the ship and crew being able to adapt to their new mission of getting home.

Seriously there isn’t anyone with more medical knowledge on board than Paris?

Thanks Neelix, for explaining an event horizon to the audience. Or, I mean, to Kes.

Kes goes to see The Doctor for some dirt.

Shrinking Doctor. Good one, Voyager.

Tuvok walks Harry down a hallway and makes total sense. It’s a nice break from all the bickering.

Janeway gets really excited about those localized dampening fields around the external sensors.

Janeway gets really excited about her reflection.

Paris essentially articulates what most of the audience is probably thinking, and Janeway acts like he’s an idiot. Great way to make her look like a snob. Paris: “How could we have been seeing a reflection of something we hadn’t even done yet? Am I making any sense here?” Janeway: “No, but that’s okay.”

Janeway gets really excited about warp particles.

“You’ll need the best pilot you’ve got in that shuttle captain. That’ll be me” -Paris

File under: Tom Paris: Best Pilot Ever

Further Analysis:

The main proof that this episode fails in my view is that by the end, I like Carey the most. Seriously, he seems like a cool guy. First of all, his anger and frustration is easy to relate to. He has to deal with B’Elana who was kind of a jerk in this episode, unprofessional, and even violent. What makes it worse is that she’s being considered to be placed above Carey even though he arguably has more right to it. But Carey puts his pride aside, and learns to work with B’Elana. He is a great example of a humble team player. Wait we were supposed to like B’Elana after this episode?

Stay tuned, we’ll be discussing this episode more next week in our “Second Episode Conundrum” article.

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  • cawshis

    Totally agree. Belanna comes off as a protected brat and Chakotay’s interactions with the Maquis feels stunted – I mean they’re talking about mutiny which implies real unhappiness…but whatever, we’ve got the chief engineer now, so move on.

    I like the time travel technobabble, but it’s kind of repetitive considering the VERY NEXT EPISODE hits the time travel reset button.

    Also, how does the ship take damage in this episode, but there is no continuity in the next episode? I think this was my biggest complaint about the series. Not enough scrounging for resources…no real conflict around it!